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Just a few benefits of our service


Our minute takers sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure the safety of your information.


We provide premium and professional minute taking services at  
affordable and  competitive rates.


Our minute takers are always on-time, arriving 15 minutes ahead of your meeting start time for in-person meetings.


Our minutes are professional, accurate and clear for a strong record of a condominium's business.


We provide multiple ways to book our services so that the process is easy from start to finish.


About Us

The Idea Behind Minutes On-Time


Tim Bolivar
Lead Service Coordinator

Minutes On-Time provides consistent, concise, confidential and complete minutes forming the main record for the on-going business of condominium corporations.


We utilize well-trained and high-quality minute takers for Board Meetings, Annual General Meetings, Shared Facilities Meetings, Turnover Meetings and more.

Your consistent point of contact is Tim Bolivar, the Lead Service Coordinator for Minutes On-Time.


Tim's prior experience with over 6 years of condominium building management helps us understand your needs, while also ensuring your minutes accurately reflect the topics and key decisions made within your meetings.

Our third-party minute taking service provides managers, and their Boards, the ability to focus completely on the meeting discussion, making decisions, and reaching solutions - All without the distraction of taking minutes while participating in an important discussion. 


Minutes also form a legal record for your Corporation, and it is very valuable to have meeting minutes completed by an impartial recording secretary. This serves to maintain trust, accountability, and transparency.

To reach Tim Bolivar to arrange our service, just email, or call at 1-833-264-6883.

Our Services

Recording Secretaries for Meetings of Every Type

Board meetings are an essential component of a successful condominium corporation. A professional minute taker will produce a quality set of clear and concise action minutes which will capture the meetings main discussion points and motions. 


Delivered within 7 days for review by the customer.

Board of Directors' Meetings


Annual General Meetings are, without a doubt, one of the most important meetings for a condominium community. It is an opportunity for all owners to speak their mind and ask questions, and it is an opportunity for the Board to show its recent accomplishments, and its future goals.

It is absolutely crucial that a quality set of minutes are taken to reflect the conversation, as well as all important decisions that are made.


From time to time, a Special General Meeting may be needed for a variety of topics that can arise. Like regular board meetings and AGMs, it is always important to ensure there is a clear and unbiased record of events. 

We will ensure that your Special Meetings are recorded accurately and clearly to provide your corporation with a strong record. 


A Turnover Meeting is the first meeting of owners that occurs once the developer is no longer the majority owner of the units and the condominium is officially registered on title.


The turnover meeting is held to elect a Board of Directors consisting of owners, and it is held to record that all corporation documents are properly turned over from the Developer.


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