Frequently asked questions about our services

How does Minutes On-Time handle confidential matters?

Confidential items are recorded in a separate section titled "Confidential Minutes". This allows a condominium to easily provide its owners with a record of the minutes without providing any confidential information. For each confidential item, we make a reference note in the main minutes indicating to the reader that an item was discussed confidentially (in-camera).

What items are considered confidential?

Anything pertaining to specific units, employees, or legal matters are recorded separately under the "Confidential Minutes" section.

Does the minute taker take an audio recording of the meeting?

Our minute takers are instructed to seek permission of the room before recording any audio. This permission must be without objection. Our minute takers are instructed to delete any audio recordings once the meeting minutes are completed.

Will Minutes On-Time provide a copy of the recording to Board of Directors if requested?

No. Any recording, if taken, is solely used as a tool to complete the minutes. We do not retain recordings for the purposes of sharing recordings with any party, including our clients.

Does Minutes On-Time work for the Board or for the management company?

Minutes On-Time is an independent third-party minute taking service. Technically, we work for the party that we are billing (usually this is the Condominium Corporation but, in some cases, it can be a Property Management company). That said, we always seek to remain impartial when taking the minutes.

Who are the minutes sent to once they are complete?

The minutes are sent directly to the Property Manager.

Can you send the minutes to the Board?

We do not send the minutes directly the Board under most circumstances. The members can often change without notice to us and this could result in an unwanted breach of confidentiality. An exception to this rule would be in the event of a self-managed Corporation where we would send the minutes to a singular member of the Board as designated by the Board.

Does Minutes On-Time send the same minute taker to each month?

We do our best to provide you with the same minute taker for each meeting whenever possible. As most properties have their meetings during the last week of the month, it is helpful if your meeting occurs towards the beginning of the month to reduce the possibility of scheduling conflicts.

What format are the minutes provided in?

Our minutes are provided as a Microsoft Word Document (.docx) as a singular word file that contains both the regular minutes and the confidential section. We cannot change this process for individual Corporations as we use only one process to ensure consistency in what we deliver. To create a set you can provide an owner: Save a copy of the file, select the confidential portion, delete that section, and re-save the copy.

How long does Minutes On-Time retain the minutes for?

We retain the completed minutes for a minimum of one year; however, once the minutes are sent to the client, it is the clients responsibility to maintain a record of the minutes.

Should a request for historical records be requested, we will endeavor to assist but we do not provide a guarantee that they will remain available once they are sent to the customer.

Does Minutes On-Time also complete revisions if needed?

If requested and reasonable, we will complete up to two rounds of revisions at no extra charge.

Will Minutes On-Time make any and all amendments that are requested?

Most of the time requests for amendments are completely reasonable, but if we believe the changes are incorrect, untrue, or misleading, we will not make those changes on your behalf.